Do you need a professional installation? 

Our local experts providing the best wallpaper installation solution.  Our installation team experienced with all types of wall coverings making the process fun and stress-free.
Our installation service includes taking care of all steps, such as calculation, preparation, and completing a project on time and within budget. For commercial installations of a large scale, we offer special pricing. 

 The price for installation starts at $2.30 per square foot for walls up to 9 feet tall. When you buy our product, your price will be reduced to $2.10 per square foot for standard walls up to 9 feet tall.

How to measure your walls for a installation estimate?

What do you need?
- Tape measure
- Paper & Pencil 
- Calculator
Wallpaper Installation how to measure
1. One Wall

Take the measurements of your wall and multiply them to have the area. 

Be sure to consider the height and weight of the entire wall, including windows and doors

Wallpaper Installation how to measure
2. Multiple Walls

To determine the total area to cover on more than one wall, take the total area of each wall and add them together. 

Wallpaper Installation how to measure
3. Half Walls

For walls with wood panels or tiles on the bottom, multiply the height of the area to be covered by the wall's weight.
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