Our Story

Welcome to Decor2Go!

We are Yana Shtainberg and Toni Nisanov, two visionaries on a mission to create beauty everywhere! Ever since our paths crossed in 2015, we knew that our unique creative palettes and bold design ideas complemented each other perfectly, and thus Decor2Go was born.

From the outset, we've partnered with interior designers and real estate developers who appreciate our work. This collaboration has propelled us to tackle large-scale projects, embracing each vision as our own to produce high-quality products efficiently and with top-notch service.

Our ultimate goal is to connect professionally with you and your team of experts. What can Decor2Go bring to you that no one else can? A completely original concept in interior design. We have a wide range of options, including custom prints and designer wallcoverings, that elicit a "Wow!" from anyone who sees them.

We encourage you to bring in out-of-this-world ideas that you've only dreamed possible, as today's technology allows for interesting textures and seamless installation. Additionally, we have access to a vast selection of popular designs from recognized brands.

Our portfolio includes projects for hotels, restaurants, and even museums all over Winnipeg. Thousands of commercial and residential clients have experienced the stunning transformation that occurs when the job is complete.

WARNING: Wallcoverings are extremely addicting! Try it once, and you'll be hooked!

Want to know more? Read this great story in Winnipeg Free Press: "This Ain’t Your Grandmother’s Wallpaper."

  • Let us be your destination for interior transformation!