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Wallpapers and Murals for every Room

Wallpapers and Murals for every Room

Wallpapers have become as adaptable as wall paint. Beautiful wallpapers are visible on the walls of a super-sleek attic or in the formal dining rooms. This diversity and near-endless new patterns, reasonable prices, and more accessible than ever applications are what's making wallpaper a go-to option.

Designing your own colourful, multi-patterned house can be challenging, especially if you have open-concept spaces. But you can make it possible with carefully selected designs clubbed with correct placement and proper application. Of course, if you're ready to play with more wallpaper prints throughout your house, you can always rely on Decor2Go's wallpaper collection.

Decide where wallpaper works and where it doesn't. Of course, not all spaces are created equal; some rooms are trickier than others. For example, open-concept areas are different since you want to avoid choppy lines that break up the space. In those cases, choose a neutral and not too overwhelming; it will go well with the other areas with which it shares space.


Accent walls: Wall-to-wall colour isn't an option everywhere, so consider accent walls here and there to lighten the decor. If you choose a specific wall, make sure it is visible from other rooms in the house, like the wall opposite the bedroom or the dining room. It adds a great visual punch and can be enjoyed every time someone walks by.


Pink Marble Orange Wallpaper

Layer: Use patterned designs as a foundation for furniture and decor that supports your design style. Dramatic prints should be left alone when decorating walls, but feel free to ramp up more muted wallpaper tones with art or mirrors.


Pattern Red White Wallpaper

Wow! walls: Some rooms are print-friendly than others, so think about where you want to make your boldest statement. For example, a powder room is a great place to play with patterns. Since the powder room's door is often left open, visitors can look at something fun. In addition, it's a small space that usually doesn't have a lot going on, so it adds excitement.


Bold yellow wallpaper white floral

Sometimes subtle: The bedroom is the spot for sleep and relaxation, so it isn't the place for overstimulation. Use subdued tones and designs in bedrooms to give off a calm and peaceful vibe. These toned-down colours are also ideal for spaces where all four walls are completely covered.

Brown Black Floral Wallpaper

Unconventional: You can genuinely incorporate wallpaper into every space with a bit of creativity, of course. Alternative applications, like staircase risers, are often bland. One can even use the wallpaper as an artwork frame or add it to furniture or closet doors.

Forest Nature Green Wallpaper

Some vital points to note are leaving at least one room paper-free, especially one with a great view, where visual interest isn't needed.


Wallpapers have come a long way with many prints, textures, and applications. These surfaces add depth, movement, and personality to interior designs.


Selecting the suitable wallpaper to accentuate your space can be a daunting task. So we have rounded up our favourite wallpaper ideas and inspiration for every room of your house!


Living room Wallpapers: The family spends most of their time in the living room. Decorating the living room involves some significant decisions, but choosing the wallpaper doesn't have to be complicated. 

  • Dividers: Design an explicit space characterization by applying a bold living room wallpaper to dividing walls between open spaces.
  • While there is no rule book for living room wallpaper, it's always good to keep up with trends and opt for contemporary wallpapers. What matters is to make sure it matches your personality.
  • Panorama: Instead of repetitive prints, an appealing alternative is a living room wallpaper that showcases a complete scene. Consider a lush landscape print, a fantasy forest, or a cityscape. Panorama designs will make sure your living room will have a story to tell.
  • Geometry: You can never go wrong with geometric prints on the wall. Such wallpapers look rhythmic and permit graphical maneuvering.
  • Floral: Welcome your guests with some floral bouquets on your walls. Graphical renditions of classic floral wallpapers certainly make for the perfect modern accents. Today, many patterns are available, whether you like a burst of colour or a more subdued monochrome.
  • Marble: Add sophistication and classiness with marble-themed wallpapers. Pick natural tones for a subtle effect that oozes luxury.

Bedroom Wallpapers: The bedroom is your oasis, where you come to relax and rejuvenate each day, so it should portray your style and personality.

  • Forests: Redefine the whole saying of "sleep like a log" with forest-themed wallpaper. It is recommended to use a monochromatic pattern to keep a cozy and relaxing vibe.
  • Tropical: Carry a touch of your favourite getaway spot to your bedroom with tropical-styled wallpapers. This will make you feel like you're lounging at your dream retreat.
  • Subtle: Not all wallpaper concepts need to be assertive and in your face. Particularly for the bedroom, think of delicate patterns in calming tones. On the other hand, excessive visual stimulation could make it difficult to fall asleep.

Bathroom Wallpapers: Your bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, but it can easily be the room that packs the most personality with the suitable wallpaper.

  • Bathtub Nook: Cover the area around your soaking tub with your favourite patterned wallpaper. Consider big leaves and palm fronds for a relaxing tropical feel or a textured grasscloth wallpaper for a spa-like environment.
  • Floral: Floral-themed bathroom wallpaper brings rhythm and direction to the room. Feature walls with such floral wallpapers can provide rich and zen-like vibes in the bathroom.
  • Abstract Animals: The animal-themed bathroom wallpaper idea will take the hearts away of all animal lovers. Impulsive animal prints are pretty popular, and they also look super trendy.

Kitchen Wallpapers: All-white kitchens will forever be in style, but you can make your kitchen walls pop with the addition of beautiful wallpaper.

  • Bold Patterns: Tiles are passe. A bold patterned wallpaper can undoubtedly make a backsplash pop. However, be sure to pick a robust wallpaper that can fight the stuff from cooking and washing.
  • Fruits and Flowers: Contemporary kitchen wallpaper concepts with fruity patterns offer an enticing look to the kitchen. Moreover, including large-scale prints will give your kitchen design a cheerful look.
  • Botanical: Including botanical wallpaper in your kitchen is a clever way to enhance the essence of the space. Over-sized botanical shots help bring the outdoors inside, thus providing warmth and positivity.


Decor2Go brings you a vast collection of wallpapers to choose from. Our range expands by category, colour, design and style. So we have something for every home. So do browse some of our most popular designs.

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