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Murals for Kids' Bedrooms

Murals for Kids' Bedrooms

Turn your kid's room into an exciting place with one of our wallpaper murals. Whether your child wants a green, blue, red or a collection of all colours of the rainbow, there is something for everyone in our bouquet that will match your kid's fantasy.

Decor2Go provides playful and incredible kids wallpaper murals in styles such as fairy tales, sports, art, and nature. A kid's room should be open to showcase their creativity. A child's bedroom is the place in the house that your child rules. With a kids wallpaper mural, it will be easy for your little one to play, innovate, create, learn and be happy, just what a kid wants to do on their terms.

colourful pink blue green wallpaper mural fantasy world princess

Fantasy Kingdom Wallpaper Mural

Create a castle with a kid's room wallpaper mural for your little one.

The kid's room doesn't have to be pink or blue all the time; it can be both simultaneously. Or, it can be as colourful as the rainbow. A wallpaper mural makes it effortless to create a charming room full of fun and imagination for your kids without having to paint it in one particular colour. Instead, choose from a vast range of wallpaper murals with pets and wild animals, natural sceneries, various sporting activities, and other animated patterns.

Every kid has a favourite theme or obsession. Decor2Go has lots of magnificent ideas for your child's room. For example, some kids adore pirates, and some want to bring the safari to any wall with our adorable wallpaper. Decor2Go is a perfect place for those who love all animals, including giraffes, elephants, monkeys, and many more.

Are you looking for the perfect nursery wallpaper mural? Decor2Go's adorable wallpaper mural will bring plenty of smiles and memories with its colourful wildlife scenery. Our wallpaper mural will make any nursery an excellent place to start a new life.

Blue Ocean Wallpaper whales animals kids

Life Underwater Wallpaper Mural

Decorating your kid's bedroom doesn't mean you have to skimp on style. On the contrary, it is the ideal action to stimulate their imagination by choosing wallpaper designs that are colourful, brave and full of fun.

It is better to avoid anything too recent, such as cartoon characters they might not like after some time. At Decor2Go, there are beautiful designs to choose from that can provide your child with an exciting and magical environment.

You can be so adventurous with wallpaper in children's bedrooms, so this is the opportunity to relinquish your love of colour and pattern with brilliant and daring wallpaper ideas and designs.

blue wallpaper light animal nature forest

Birch Trees and Birds Wallpaper Mural

We have pointed down some basic ideas and best practices for decorating your kid's bedroom.

  1. Gender-neutral wallpapers: Create a flexible scheme that will work and appeal to both boys and girls. If not necessary, always look for a great unisex theme to decorate the walls.
  2. Educational Wallpaper: You can also create an exciting feature wall with educational wallpaper to provoke curiousness. A world map is a perfect example that can work quite well in a child's room, serving as an educational aid and colourful decor. 

Typically children's rooms are smaller than other bedrooms in the house. Follow these best practices in mind when designing a comparatively smaller room.

  • Use subtle stripes on the shortest walls of a narrow room to make them feel longer and the room wider.
  • Pick out wallpaper for a child's small bedroom with a diagonal pattern. Doing so will make the walls seem broader and taller.
  • Vertically striped wallpaper makes the child's room with low ceilings look taller.
  • Pick a wallpaper design that will reflect light around the room, making it appear larger. 
  • Wallpapers with a white or pale background will also make a small room feel bigger.

Involving your child in choosing the wallpaper for their room is a fabulous opportunity to express themselves. So encourage them to take the time to consider and decide what they would like to add to their own space.

Dark Blue Animals Kids Nature Wallpaper Mural

Hand Drawn Animal Forest Wallpaper Mural

Be it a boy or a girl, our extensive range of children's wallpaper has what your little one would love. Kids are curious and imaginative. So whether it's a favourite cartoon character that drives their imagination or something educational like our solar system or world map, Decor2Go's collection of kids wallpaper is a perfect choice.

Like any of our designs? Want to look at a many others made just for you? Make sure to explore our Kids Wallpaper Collection to suit your kids likes!


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