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Contemporary Art Themes for Modern Homes

Contemporary Art Themes for Modern Homes

Add some deep character to any space with contemporary wallpaper in a print and colour you adore. With rich textures, bold motifs and chic finishes, contemporary styles are ideal for creating a modern yet luxurious look.

Whether you're decorating a small, treasure box-like space or looking for trendy and contemporary wallpaper to fill a spacious living room, there are several patterns and colour schemes. Bold finishes and motifs work well in tight spaces, so you might opt for a large-print, floral wallpaper in your bathroom or bedroom. On the other hand, you might use colourful and contemporary geometric wallpaper in a hallway or stairwell. Finally, you'll want to try something more subtle to avoid making the space look too busy in bigger rooms.

If you love contemporary style and want to go for modern wall decor, you must follow some straightforward tips. The contemporary style is basic and minimal. You have to make a few brave choices, and the keyword here is attention to detail.

People think that designing a home in a contemporary style can make it cold and unwelcoming. However, it is little known that contemporary designs can help you create an exceptionally comfortable habitat. Contemporary does not mean boring. On the contrary, a minimal and well finished design teams perfectly with empty and airy spaces. It gives the entire ensemble a feeling of wellness, comfort, and functionality. Also, contemporary style can be technological, luxurious, progressive and sophisticated at the same time.


We share a few tips on creating a magical space using contemporary art thems for your modern home. 


  1. Avoid overcrowding: Contemporary style requires open and airy spaces. This does not mean you shouldn't have joy when picking your designs. On the contrary, you should be virtuous in choosing the right items in the correct portion. For example, you can opt for a single artwork on the wall, provided it is sufficient and has a relevant subject. If the room is not that big, then don't worry. Just balance the painting size to achieve a visual and spatial centrality.
  2. Patterns: Contemporary style means experimenting. If you love decors with unusual patterns, don't worry; they perfectly suit the contemporary style. Even a no-frills wall print, maybe with an abstract subject, can draw attention, inspiring curiosity and appreciation in those who look at it.
  3. No pastels: When we talk about contemporary tone, we talk about bold shades and fearless contrasts. Pastel colours have nothing to do with contemporary style; they are best suited for more rustic environments.

Symbols, arts, or paintings impact our subconscious mind, controlling more than 90% of our behaviours and decisions. Several arts, symbols, or paintings exist in your home or workplace that bring inspiration, coolness, creativity, and comfort to your life. A painting around us influences us daily, whether you realize it.

A room previously suffering from an identity crisis can suddenly make sense with a simple placing of art that speaks to you.

A home is incomplete without the presence of art. It creates a visually stunning environment & adds life to space. In addition, we have noticed that children who interact with art daily are often performed as better students than those who don't.


Decor2go has excellent contemporary designs to choose from. Check some of the contemporary design themes below.


Music Mania Wallpaper Mural: Move to the beat with a wallpaper that will move with you! Decor2Go's Music Mania wallpaper mural showcases your love for all things audio. The bold colour choices and graphics will breathe new life into your bland interior. The Music Mania wallpaper is the furthest thing from subtle, combining the best of the contemporary art scene and graphic design talent. This wallpaper installation combines bright shades of red, pink, orange, blue, green, and yellow that are further emphasized by the black background.


musical mania blue pink wallpaper mural canada winnipeg

The Beetles: Creepy critters have never been this appealing! The Beetles wallpaper mural by Decor2Go features an array of colours and eccentric designs that will make your interior a favourite amongst all your guests. The design of this decorative mural is immediately polarising and suited to modern, forward-thinking aesthetics. The bright colours against a white background help balance the visual experience; not too loud, not too subtle.


white wallpaper mural canada winnipeg

Basket Wrecking Ball: What happens when you mix a simple concept with bold execution? You get the Decor2Go Basket Wrecking Ball wallpaper installation. This mural features a bright pop of colour and intelligent use of textures and shading to create the illusion of actual cracks. This wallpaper mural will get anyone walking by to look twice. The bold use of colours and patterns makes this decoration worthy of a modern art gallery. Our intricate use of 3-dimensional fractal patterns and shading gives the illusion of the basketball popping out and breaking through the wall.


basketball orange ball wallpaper mural canada winnipeg

Music Notes: Bring your home to life with the sound of music. Decor2Go's Musical Notes wallpaper installation shows off your love of music while making your wall look like something from a modern art gallery. Our simple Black & White colour palette makes for a modern yet minimalist aesthetic that is sure to make your home stand out - in the best way possible. So whether you're into jazz, rock n' roll, hip-hop, or even heavy metal, a mural filled with musical notes will excite music lovers!

musical white wallpaper mural canada winnipeg

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