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10 Floral Wallpaper Designs for your rooms

10 Floral Wallpaper Designs for your rooms

Floral wallpaper has been a favourite of homeowners, and it is easy to understand. If you opt for a substantial floral wallpaper with scaled-up petals or an elegant vintage floral wallpaper, the designs bring your walls sophistication and spectacle. With many flower varieties to choose from, such as roses, orchids, sunflowers, and many more, selecting a floral wallpaper that fits your existing furniture and accessories is straightforward. Vintage floral wallpaper is an excellent option if you are looking for a feature wall in a living room or statement nursery. In contrast, the smaller scale, detailed, dark floral patterned wallpaper designs are perfect for wrapping small bathrooms or young kids' bedrooms. So whether you like modern, light and bright rooms or heritage dark and moody living spaces, there is something floral.


Begin your botanical fantasy with Decor2Go's floral wallpapers!

Enjoy the various colours of flowers without worrying about replacing them daily, and choose from our selection of flower wallpapers. Fresh flowers are the lovely gift of nature; they make us acknowledge how many beautiful colours there are, allowing us to relish the beauty of nature all around us. However, as colourful and fragrant flowers may be, they wither away in days. With our floral wallpaper mural, you can keep them looking fresh and untouched every day inside your home and all year long.


  1. Rose Garden Wallpaper: Decor2Go's Rose Garden wallpaper mural features a clean white backdrop printed with vibrant pink roses and other colourful flowers. This wallpaper is made from high-quality materials, making it a long-lasting decoration and ideal for any room. In addition, calming flowers are on full display, bringing peace and relaxation to any interior space.

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  2. Nature's Bliss Wallpaper: Decor2Go's Nature's Bliss wallpaper is perfect for those looking to refresh their home with a soothing design. The pattern of the flowers will give your room an inviting feel, and we can guarantee that you'll be dreaming of fields in full bloom every night.

    floral wallpaper black canada winnipeg

  3. Floral Blush Wallpaper: An immersive pretty pink experience begins to come alive through our Floral Blush wallpaper mural. The dyed water accompanying the beautiful flower within the mural design emits this fluid movement that invites inhabitants to look at your walls and potentially reach out to touch them. The mural's exciting texture and photorealism have a desirable sophisticated aesthetic.

    pink white floral wallpaper mural canada winnipeg

  4. Hummingbirds Wallpaper: Perfect for many occasions, our Hummingbirds Wallpaper Mural combines beautiful florals and hummingbirds, capturing the natural pollination process. Our wallpaper mural's subtle colours enable buyers to utilize it within different spaces within their homes. In addition, the mural's artistic layering adds realism to the scene within the wallpaper.

    blue floral wallpaper mural canada wallpaper winnipeg

  5. Floral Oil Paint Wallpaper: The Floral Oil Paint wallpaper mural is one of the proudest additions to Decor2Go's line of high-quality decorative installations. Incredible attention to detail goes into every inch of this mural. The oil paint gives the flowers in this mural a distinctly charming, faded look. Whether your interior is predominantly light or dark, this installation will complement both!

    floral wallpaper canada mural winnipeg

  6. Hawaiian Floral Wallpaper: Mahalo friends! Come for the wallpaper mural and stay for the fresh Hawaiian breeze. Our Hawaiian Flora wallpaper mural takes you out of your stressful routine and into a faraway tropical island. When designing this decorative mural, our goal was to give you a breath of fresh air after a long, stressful day. And we don't disappoint! The botanical imagery of this mural makes for a calming atmosphere in any room you want. This wallpaper installation features a wave of bright, tropical colours, from colourful red flowers to orange plants, green leaves, and everything. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a pina colada and enjoy the cool Hawaiian breeze!

    floral white wallpaper mural winnipeg canada

  7. Classical Bouquet Wallpaper: Make the most out of Throwback Thursday and transport yourself to the heart of a 16th-century museum. Decor2Go's Classical Bouquet features highly detailed floral designs, painted in a style reminiscent of Baroque and Renaissance paintings. This mural draws inspiration from classical antiquity and painting styles in the Baroque and Renaissance eras. Everything from the shading to the temperature is reminiscent of classical artworks. The dark backdrop of this wallpaper installation is contrasted brilliantly by the red, orange, and peach hues of the roses and other flowers.

    black floral wallpaper canada winnipeg

  8. Wild Flower Wallpaper: Decor2Go's Wild Flower wallpaper mural will give your walls a luxurious and lush look. Featuring a vivid mix of pink and purple flowers contrasted by black & white leaves, this modern design will add drama to any space in your home or office. The juxtaposition of pink and purple flowers with a black and white backdrop creates a mysterious and magical atmosphere. Whether your interior is predominantly light or dark, this installation will complement both!

    white floral wallpaper mural winnipeg canada

  9. Butterscotch Garden Wallpaper: There's nothing like a clean and classy floral design to instantly give any room extra charm. Stunning yet straightforward Decor2Go's Butterscotch Garden wallpaper mural will make you all warm and fuzzy on the inside. This mural adds a touch of class to your home - creating a beautiful focal point in any interior. This mural combines a beige primary colour with light shades of pink, blue, and yellow to create an atmosphere that will have everyone feeling uplifted and calm.

    wallpaper mural white floral canada winnipeg

Desert Oasis Wallpaper: Few locations in the world are as polarising as the deserts, miles of sand as far as the eye can see with hidden oases dotted. Decor2Go's Desert Oasis wallpaper mural is inspired by the vibrant vegetation that mysteriously grows throughout the most barren spots in the world. One vibrant flower is on full display on this wallpaper, adding a sense of peace and serenity to any interior space. The desert flower featured on this wallpaper installation is printed with vibrant shades of blue and pink.

blue pink floral wallpaper mural canada winnipeg

If you liked our collection of wallpapers and want more, make sure to checkout Decor2Go's Floral Wallpapers collection! 
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