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10 City Wallpaper Murals to give you that urban feel!

10 City Wallpaper Murals to give you that urban feel!

Today we will be counting down our top 10 picks for urban wallpapers that can turn even the blandest walls mesmerizing and captivating. We will be starting off our list with: 

1. Urban Bridge 

This wallpaper mural will perfectly fit urban houses with modern furnishing. It has a beautiful bridge as its key feature. It is a work of contemporary architecture and has a beautiful background that will be a perfect extension to your rooms. The colours in this mural are vibrant and upbeat, with a clear blue sky and bright sunlight. The mural also has a beautiful river under the bridge that reflects the gorgeous sunrise. Behind the bridge, there is an urban building that adds a nice touch to the mural. So if you are looking to decorate your urban homes and add a lovely extension to your rooms, I suggest you click on this link right now! 


urban bridge city wallpaper mural canada



2. Grey Winnipeg Wallpaper Mural

this wallpaper is perfect for all the residents of Winnipeg. This mural represents a top view look at our city. It is a beautiful concept as any resident of Winnipeg can have a map of the town they live in installed on their walls as a contemporary, urban art piece. The colours used in the mural are simplistic and would fit perfectly into a modern home. Using only gray and white to show the network of roads, railways, and more. If you have a sense of patriotism for your city and are proud to be a resident of Winnipeg, this would be the perfect mural for you.  


grey gray winnipeg canada wallpaper mural


3. Urban Style Wallpaper Mural

This wallpaper's main feature is that it looks like an old brick wall with old paint over it. This mural will fit perfectly into an urban home and will appeal to the aesthetics of modern simplistic art lovers. The mural shows a section of the wall that has paint missing; this shows the original colour of the bricks on the wall. The designer's medley of colours and textures is captivating and can add flair to the dullest of walls.  


brick wallpaper mural canada winnipeg



4. Urban colours

This wallpaper mural is perfect for a dance studio, art gallery, and creative spaces. It uses various colours with a blend of street art that radiates enthusiastic energy in any room. This mural has words written in a graffiti-like font - 'dance,' 'graffiti,' and drawings such as the 'googly staring eyes' in blue and the capital V in a cyan-like colour. This mural's target audience is people who are into graffiti art, hip hop artists, hip hop enthusiasts, and people who are into dance and modern art.  



urban colours graffiti wallpaper mural canada winnipeg

5. Urban Picasso

This mural's theme is wildlife and greenery. This mural will liven up any wall installed on and add a certain charisma when installed in a room. The bright colours in this mural are sure to catch the eye of any guests, and it will make it hard for them to look away. This mural is made with premium quality and has high definition picture quality. The sunlight accentuates the plants and trees' dark and light green colours. The high definition quality of the mural and the vibrant colours used to make this mural is appealing.  

nature forest green picasso wallpaper mural canada winnipeg

6. Winter is coming

If you are a lover of snow and winter is your favourite season, this mural is perfect. This mural features a snow-capped forest, and the background shows mountains fully covered in snow. This mural renders a high-quality image, which makes it appealing. The primary colour of this mural is white, which represents snow. This mural would fit perfectly into an urban home with elegant black and white furnishing. This mural has landscape imagery which can make any room look larger and more open. So if you are a winter person with an urban household, this mural is perfect for you. 


winter blue white wallpaper forest nature canada winnipeg


7. Toronto skyline

The Toronto skyline has a magnificent front view and looks extremely beautiful in this mural. The colours used on the background to represent a setting sun add a pleasant feeling to the mural. The Toronto skyline in the mural reflects a still water body like a lake or an ocean. This waterbody makes a perfectly symmetrical reflection of the skyline. Almost like a mirror, it is sure to send chills down the spine of everyone who takes a look at it. The main feature of this mural is the skyline itself. All the buildings and skyscrapers create mesmerizing scenery to make all Canadians proud of their city. 


city water ocean sea blue orange wallpaper mural canada winnipeg


8. Vancouver Summer Skyline

This mural is the perfect combination of city life and greenery. The front part of the mural shows a forest with lots of trees and vegetation, while the back of the wallpaper mural has a cityscape. The wallpaper mural has a river or dam on the left and a forest on the right. The river is calm and brings a peaceful feeling to the mural. On the other hand, the forest brings positive vibes to the mural. The back part of the mura has a cityscape or city skyline, which adds flair to this mural. This wallpaper is perfect for a modern and urban home.  


skyline water ocean forest nature wallpaper canada winnipeg


9. Bullseye

This mural is the epitome of modern contemporary art. The designs of this mural have put in their heart and soul to represent the Melbourne Central shopping center. This mural uses all the right colours to represent the buildings and give them an enigmatic feel. The primary colours are gray, black, brown, and a darker shade of white. The unique part about this mural is that it represents the shopping center in a birds-eye view or a vortex image. This mural is perfect for all modern and contemporary art lovers looking to decorate their walls.  


bullseye abstract wallpaper mural canada winnipeg



10. Winnipeg Twilight

We will finish this ranking with a bang by showing you our last pick for the 'urban' category for murals. Winnipeg is magnificent at night, and this mural captures that beauty very well. The colours used to represent the bridge and buildings are accurate. The reflection of the bridge in the mural looks highly pleasing to see. The colour of the sky is perfectly executed and looks even more refined in the water. This mural perfectly represents how captivating Winnipeg is at times like twilight.


blue wallpaper lighthouse canada winnipeg mural twilight

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